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Title: Beginning PHP4 Databases

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Beginning PHP4 Databases


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Andrew Hill
Chris Lea
Christopher Scollo
Deepak Thomas
Harish Rawat
Jim Hubbard


Wrox Press

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October 2002



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December 8, 2002
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
Most PHP developers write applications that are database driven. Most PHP applications produce or process information that needs to be recorded persistently so it can be used any time later. So, when learning how to program in PHP implies programmers need also to learn database programming and to take the most of what PHP is suited for. "Beginning PHP4 Databases" is a book focused on these matters.

Despite what the name the book may suggest, this is not a book just for beginners. It is not just yet another book on PHP programming with MySQL. Besides the basics that are important to introduce beginners to database programming with PHP, this book covers relatively advanced database programming matters like object relational databases and native XML databases.

In fact, this book is so complete that is not viable to cover in detail all the aspects that it addresses in this review, but I can just give an idea. First it focus on PHP programming matters, then on database programming matters and finally on database programming with PHP.

The parts about just PHP programming matters is brief and seems to be included in the book just for completeness reasons. Other books cover these matters more thoroughly.

The parts about just database programming matters cover the different database models focusing on the relational database model, SQL and data consistency assurance methods.

The parts about matters of database programming with PHP cover multi-tier development, databases with support built-in PHP, PHP database abstraction packages focusing on PEAR::DB, interfacing with different flavors of XML databases.

Also worth to mention are several case study chapters that help to illustrate the concepts presented throughout the book with realistic application examples: an accounts receivable application using PEAR::DB, a library automation system using object oriented programming with a relational database and a Recipe Exchange using XIndice native XML database.

Overall, even if you are not beginning, this can be a very valuable book for learning and consolidating the important concepts, techniques, tools and other products for developing database applications with PHP.
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