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Title: Sql Puzzles & Answers

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Sql Puzzles & Answers


Database programming books


Joe Celko



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April 1997



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October 19, 2006
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
Most types of Web applications require the use of databases to store and retrieve information in persistent storage. Relational databases are the most common types of persistent storage containers used by Web applications.

A great part of the procedures that database applications perform are simple CRUD operations: create, read, update and delete. However, there are situations that impose non-trivial challenges to the developers in order to solve SQL programming problems in the most efficient way.

SQL puzzles and answers is a book that provides solutions for many common kinds of database programming problems that require efficient solutions that are not trivial.

The book was written by Joe Celko, a database programming guru and member of the committee that defines the SQL standards. He is the author of the well known SQL for Smarties book. In that book he presents a widely adopted solution for efficiently storing an hierarchic tree of records in a SQL database.

In the SQL puzzles book, Joe Celko presents efficient solutions for more SQL programming problems that database application developers find frequently.

The book presents 51 problems and solutions grouped in several sections according to the topic of the problem. These sections cover the topics: defining data, formatting data, computing things and grouping data.

The structure of the book is very good. Once you figure which kind of topic your SQL programming problem belongs, it is easy to browse the list of problems solved in the book to find which may help in your case.

The SQL puzzles presented in the book are based in real world problems. The book provides an introduction to each problem. Then it provides one or more answers that may solve the problem more efficiently, so you can pick which one fits your situation better.

This the kind of book that is always good for database application developers to have around.

Every time you need to solve a new non-trivial SQL programming problem, or find a more efficient solution for already solved problems, chances are that you will find a great solution in this book or in other Joe Celko SQL programming books.
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