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Title: eBay Hacks

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eBay Hacks


Books about Web sites


David A. Karp


O'Reilly & Associates

Release date

September 2003

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September 28, 2003
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
In the Internet, it is often true that the number 1 is much more popular than the number 2. This is particularly true when it comes to Internet auction sites, as is by far the number 1 online marketplace worldwide.

Due to this popularity, eBay Hacks is a book that is going to be very popular among community of users that use this site to buy and sell all sorts of good.

This book gathers 100 interesting tips about how to take the most of in different aspects. It contains tips divided in chapters according to each of these aspects.

It starts with a chapter about the feedback left by the site users regarding products being sold, and then other chapters about searching in the site, placing bids for the products, selling products, working with photos of the products, completing sales transactions, running a business based on eBay, and finally a chapter about the eBay API.

This last chapter regarding the eBay API is probably the most interesting for developers because it talks about many aspects of how to interact with eBay site using a programmatic interface.

This means that you can learn about how to develop programs that run from your own sites and to connect to the eBay site to query for all sorts of information or execute different actions to interact with eBay from your own site scripts as if it was you as real eBay user.

This possibility opens up the space for a myriad of new types of sites that may extend the uses of the eBay site, and eventually letting you start new businesses based on eBay API.

Whether you are regular eBay user or you are a Web developer looking for ways to take the most of eBay for whatever purposes you may have, this book may be a valuable source of interesting tips that can make your life with eBay easier and eventually even more profitable.
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