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Title: MySQL Cookbook

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MySQL Cookbook


Database programming books


Paul DuBois


O'Reilly & Associates

Release date

November 2002



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February 16, 2003
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
Despite PHP can be used with many types of databases, MySQL is one of the most popular databases that PHP developers use to write their applications.

Developing database applications with MySQL is mostly like with any other SQL based database. However, different databases do not work exactly the same way. This means that often you have to learn the specifics of the database that you choose for your applications to take the most out of its capabilities.

MySQL Cookbook is a book of solutions for many types of database programming problems. Like in most cookbooks, it presents the problems grouped by topics of related issues and then it presents the recommended solutions doing it the MySQL way considering its capabilities and limitations.

The book covers many common database programming topics that include connecting and querying MySQL databases, working with text strings, dates and times, sorting query results, generating summaries, modifying database tables, retrieving query results and database structure metadata, importing and exporting data, using automatic sequence values, combining data from different tables, compute statistical information, handling duplicate rows of tables and query results, transaction handling.

The last chapters of the book are focused on several types of uses of MySQL for solving Web programming problems like displaying data, storing and retrieving images or other types of binary data, serving advertisement banners, downloading query results, managing data stored in databases using forms, file uploads, search engines, Web page access logging and counting, session management, etc..

If you develop applications based specifically on MySQL, this is a book that you probably should have at hand in your desktop so you can quickly learn about the recommended solutions for many of the common database programming problems that you will find when using MySQL. Having been written by Paul Dubois, a reputed best-selling authors of MySQL books, you can expect a book with a great quality level that will make your investment on its purchase well worth it.
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