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Title: PHP Programming Solutions

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PHP Programming Solutions


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Vikram Vaswani



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July 8, 2007



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October 3, 2007
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Picture of Guilherme Blanco
Guilherme Blanco
This book covers many aspects about general PHP programming solutions.

It has several chapters that cover topics like working with: strings, numbers, dates and times, arrays, functions and classes, files and directories, HTML and Web pages, databases, XML, different file formats and network protocols, exceptions, etc..

It is a valuable book, but if you browse it in a book shelf you probably miss where its value is. Let me explain.

In practice, it is more like guide with frequently asked questions on how to solve certain problems in PHP, like for instance: how do I calculate the size of files in a directory and any sub-directories?

The chapter 6, that explains files and directories, has a really nice solution for this problem. But if you browse the book very quickly in a book store, you will probably miss how nice certain solutions really are.

The book presents many simple solutions throughout the book that can prevent a lot of headaches when you run PHP applications in a production environment. It covers, for instance, the use of CAPTCHA validation to protect forms from being submitted by robots created by spammers.

Maybe the book should have been called PEAR PHP Programming Solutions. The author often uses PEAR packages to demonstrate how to solve the problems presented in the whole book. Promoting the reuse of existing Object Oriented Programming packages is a good practice.

Despite this book is considerably large, it should be used like a pocket reference book that you carry it to wherever you work with PHP to look for quick solutions, especially when you have tight deadlines.

In sum, this is an interesting book structured like a catalog of PHP solutions in the form of FAQ.

The book provides solutions that extensively use PEAR packages to solve common PHP implementation tasks. If you appreciate the use of PEAR packages, you will certainly enjoy this book.
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