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What is the best PHP zurmo api class?: Working example of using the API to add a task

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What is the best PHP zurmo api class?


Picture of Michael Workman by Michael Workman - 5 years ago (2016-12-16)

Working example of using the API to add a task

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Need to integrate Zurmo with other packages and want to see some working examples of successful integration.

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PHP OAuth Library: Authorize and access APIs using OAuth

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Picture of Manuel Lemos by Manuel Lemos package author package author Reputation 21980 - 5 years ago (2016-12-20) Comment

Zurmo supports OAuth 2.0 so you can make API calls on behalf of a user.

You can use this package to obtain authentication OAuth access tokens and make API calls.

Since Zurmo can be installed in different domains, the OAuth end point URLs depend on those domains. If you have difficulties to configure this class to call Zurmo API, post a message with help request in the PHP OAuath client class support forum.

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