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php url shortener: how to use php url shortener

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php url shortener


Picture of julio vazquez by julio vazquez - 6 years ago (2018-03-13)

how to use php url shortener

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can you explain how to use it php url shortener

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PHP URL Shortener Class: Shorten and expand URLs stored in MySQL database

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Picture of Alexandre Sinício by Alexandre Sinício package author package author Reputation 50 - 6 years ago (2018-03-16) Comment

Maybe this class can help you understand how URL shortening works.

Basically, it creates an index of real-world-links and associates an alias to them. So very.long.url/way/too/long/to/remember'`. The two URLs are mapped on the backend and stored somewhere. When user tries to access the short link, the PHP server retrieves the real-world URL and redirects user to it.

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