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Subject:Use one php program for php 5 and 7
Summary:Guard code
Author:Barton Phillips
Date:2021-09-02 16:57:04
Update:2021-10-12 07:39:23

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Picture of Barton Phillips Barton Phillips - 2021-09-02 16:57:04
How can I guard my code so I can run the same program on PHP 5 and 7. For example in php 7 I can do $x = $x ?? 'true';
In php 5 I have to do $x = $x ? null : 'true';
I have tried using PHP_MAJOR_VERSION but when I put the ?? in the php 7 only if/else I get a Parser Error. It seems that there must be a way to guard certain areas of the code so it can be run on either php 5 or 7.

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