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WindowsRegistry on w2k

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Subject:WindowsRegistry on w2k
Summary:class.WindowsRegistry.php4.php on windows 2000 SP4 issue
Date:2008-02-21 08:02:58


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Picture of Shahar Shahar - 2008-02-21 08:02:58
I'm using the WindowsRegistry class for php4 and I get a fatal error on line 26 of the class,
the line is the last line of _construct() function.

$this->RegObject = $this->WbemServices->Get("StdRegProv");

The problem only occurs when using Windows 2000 SP4 as the server.

The error I get is:
"PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method: stdClass->get() in [PATH]\ on line 26"

Can someone please assist?