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i use XSLT for XML

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Subject:i use XSLT for XML
Summary:I use Oxygen XML for most of my XML/XSLT work
Author:Karl Holz
Date:2012-09-13 12:08:50
Update:2012-09-13 15:04:41

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Picture of Karl Holz Karl Holz - 2012-09-13 15:04:41
I use Oxygen XML for most of my XML/XSLT work, it auto completes the tags for you and when you edit the element name of a tag the end tags also changes. It makes XSLT's verboseness easier to work with.

I have noticed that PHP-xsl seems to ignore namespaces when I have had it declared in my XSLT template selectors. Works great for simple XML like you've seen in some of my classes.

I think of it as my XML scalpel to cut out only what I need.