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File: demo/buffer_manager_demo_1.php

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File: demo/buffer_manager_demo_1.php
Role: Example script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Example script
Class: Buffer tree
Manage ordered collections of data items
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  current() -- return current buffer instance
  enter($name) -- activate named buffer, if it does not exist:
                  create and append to current buffer
  leave() -- leave current buffer, activate previous active buffer
  out($data) -- write data (string or buffer) to current active buffer
  find($name) -- find named buffer within root buffer
  undo() -- remove last created buffer

note: the find() method is mostly redundant, you can use enter() and/or current()
      to fetch any buffer instance, or you can fetch them from $bm->buffers[$name]
      However, it is possible to output a buffer with the out() method, without
      registering it in the buffer_manager using enter(). In those cases, find()
      can be used to find the buffer.

TODO: make tests for undo()


include '../buffer_manager.class.php';

$bm = new buffer_manager('document');

$bm->enter('head'); # create buffer 'head'
$bm->enter('title'); # create buffer 'title' as a sub-buffer within the 'head' buffer
$bm->out('Page title');
$bm->leave(); # leave 'title'
$bm->enter('style'); # create buffer 'style'
$bm->leave(); # leave 'style'
$bm->leave(); # leave 'head'
$bm->enter('body'); # create buffer 'body'
$bm->out('<h1>Hello world</h1>');
$bm->leave(); # leave 'body'

$doc = $bm->current(); # fetch current buffer
echo ((($doc===$bm->buffers['document']) and
$doc===$bm->find('document'))) ?
'document buffer found' :
'document buffer NOT found!').'<br />';


$body = $bm->enter('body'); # activate buffer 'body', fetch buffer in variable
$bm->out('<p>Body text</p>');
echo (((
$body===$bm->buffers['body']) and
$body===$bm->current()) and
$body===$bm->find('body'))) ?
'body buffer found' :
'body buffer NOT found').'<br />';
$bm->enter('style'); # activate buffer 'style'
$bm->out('p {color:green}');
$bm->leave(); # leave 'style', activate 'body' (previous active buffer)

'<p>','More body text','</p>')); # write array

$bm->leave(); # leave 'body'


htmlspecialchars($doc).'<br />';

$title = $bm->current(); # fetch current buffer instance ('title')
$title->replace('New page title'); # replace() is defined in buffer.class.php

echo ((($title===$bm->find('title')) and
$title===$bm->buffers['title'])) ?
'title buffer found' :
'title buffer NOT found').'<br />';

htmlspecialchars($doc).'<br />';

$style = $bm->find('style'); # find named buffer
$style->append('h1 {color:red}'); # append() is defined in buffer.class.php

echo htmlspecialchars($doc).'<br />';