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Class: Eazy PHP HTML Table Generator
Output HTML to display tables from array data
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A PHP library for making a table

How to use

Eazy Table is too easy to use. Its a basic PHP table maker library.

to use it at first you have to include table.php file in your desire place

require_once 'table.php';

after including the file you have to initialize the class

$tbl=new Table;

Then you are ready to use it.

For making html table you have to use make() method

> make($data[, $config]) >

- $data - is an array. and it contain two values header and data. header and data are the key of the values. Its fixed naming so you can not change the key name. - $config - is an array and its optional. If you want to change table attribute then you can define from it.

Now We define all data to the $data variable

'header'=>['ID', 'Name', 'Department'],
	[2, 'Nahid', 'CSE'],
	[3, 'Firoz', 'CSE'],
	[4, 'Jannat', 'BBA'],
	[5, 'Bijoy', 'CSE']

and for the change table attributes we assign values in $conf array


and finally we make the table by using

$tbl->make($data, $conf);

after using it, its look like this

enter image description here

thats it

Thank you :)