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File: asset/font/fontawesome/metadata/shims.yml

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File: asset/font/fontawesome/metadata/shims.yml
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Last Hammer
Framework to develop after installation
Author: By
Last change:
Date: 2 years ago
Size: 4,682 bytes


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area-chart: name: chart-area arrow-circle-o-down: name: arrow-alt-circle-down prefix: far arrow-circle-o-left: name: arrow-alt-circle-left prefix: far arrow-circle-o-right: name: arrow-alt-circle-right prefix: far arrow-circle-o-up: name: arrow-alt-circle-up prefix: far arrows: name: arrows-alt arrows-alt: name: expand-arrows-alt arrows-h: name: arrows-alt-h arrows-v: name: arrows-alt-v bar-chart: name: chart-bar prefix: far bitbucket-square: name: bitbucket prefix: fab calendar: name: calendar-alt calendar-o: name: calendar prefix: far caret-square-o-down: name: caret-square-down prefix: far caret-square-o-left: name: caret-square-left prefix: far caret-square-o-right: name: caret-square-right prefix: far caret-square-o-up: name: caret-square-up prefix: far cc: name: closed-captioning prefix: far chain-broken: name: unlink circle-o-notch: name: circle-notch circle-thin: name: circle prefix: far clipboard: prefix: far clone: prefix: far cloud-download: name: cloud-download-alt cloud-upload: name: cloud-upload-alt code-fork: name: code-branch comment-alt: name: comment-dots prefix: far commenting: name: comment-dots compass: prefix: far compress: name: compress-alt copyright: prefix: far creative-commons: prefix: fab credit-card: prefix: far credit-card-alt: name: credit-card cutlery: name: utensils diamond: name: gem prefix: far eercast: name: sellcast prefix: fab eur: name: euro-sign exchange: name: exchange-alt expand: name: expand-alt external-link: name: external-link-alt external-link-square: name: external-link-square-alt eye: prefix: far eye-dropper: name: eye-dropper prefix: far eye-slash: prefix: far eyedropper: name: eye-dropper facebook: name: facebook-f prefix: fab facebook-official: name: facebook prefix: fab file-text: name: file-alt files-o: name: copy prefix: far floppy-o: name: save prefix: far gbp: name: pound-sign glass: name: glass-martini google-plus: name: google-plus-g prefix: fab google-plus-circle: name: google-plus prefix: fab google-plus-official: name: google-plus prefix: fab hand-o-down: name: hand-point-down prefix: far hand-o-left: name: hand-point-left prefix: far hand-o-right: name: hand-point-right prefix: far hand-o-up: name: hand-point-up prefix: far header: name: heading id-badge: prefix: far ils: name: shekel-sign inr: name: rupee-sign intersex: name: transgender jpy: name: yen-sign krw: name: won-sign level-down: name: level-down-alt level-up: name: level-up-alt life-ring: prefix: far line-chart: name: chart-line linkedin: name: linkedin-in prefix: fab linkedin-square: name: linkedin prefix: fab list-alt: prefix: far long-arrow-down: name: long-arrow-alt-down long-arrow-left: name: long-arrow-alt-left long-arrow-right: name: long-arrow-alt-right long-arrow-up: name: long-arrow-alt-up map-marker: name: map-marker-alt meanpath: name: font-awesome prefix: fab mobile: name: mobile-alt money: name: money-bill-alt prefix: far object-group: prefix: far object-ungroup: prefix: far paste: prefix: far pencil: name: pencil-alt pencil-square: name: pen-square pencil-square-o: name: edit prefix: far picture: name: image pie-chart: name: chart-pie refresh: name: sync registered: prefix: far repeat: name: redo rub: name: ruble-sign scissors: name: cut shield: name: shield-alt sign-in: name: sign-in-alt sign-out: name: sign-out-alt sliders: name: sliders-h sort-alpha-asc: name: sort-alpha-down sort-alpha-desc: name: sort-alpha-down-alt sort-amount-asc: name: sort-amount-down sort-amount-desc: name: sort-amount-down-alt sort-asc: name: sort-up sort-desc: name: sort-down sort-numeric-asc: name: sort-numeric-down sort-numeric-desc: name: sort-numeric-down-alt spoon: name: utensil-spoon star-half-empty: name: star-half star-half-full: name: star-half support: name: life-ring prefix: far tablet: name: tablet-alt tachometer: name: tachometer-alt television: name: tv thumb-tack: name: thumbtack thumbs-o-down: name: thumbs-down prefix: far thumbs-o-up: name: thumbs-up prefix: far ticket: name: ticket-alt trash: name: trash-alt trash-o: name: trash-alt prefix: far try: name: lira-sign usd: name: dollar-sign video-camera: name: video vimeo: name: vimeo-v prefix: fab volume-control-phone: name: phone-volume wheelchair-alt: name: accessible-icon prefix: fab window-maximize: prefix: far window-restore: prefix: far youtube-play: name: youtube prefix: fab