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Class: Mini PHP Getopt
Extract command line parameter values using getopt
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Mini Getopt (a getopt wrapper)

Very simple wrapper for getopt() function.

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This is only a wrapper, therefore the output from mini-getopt is going to be the same as getopt() function.

  1. First you have to configure options you want to use. To do so use the following methods:

    - `\Jawira\MiniGetopt\MiniGetopt::addRequired` - `\Jawira\MiniGetopt\MiniGetopt::addOptional` - `\Jawira\MiniGetopt\MiniGetopt::addNoValue`

  2. To retrieve values you have to call one of the following method:

    - `\Jawira\MiniGetopt\MiniGetopt::getopt` returns the same as `getopt()` - `\Jawira\MiniGetopt\MiniGetopt::getOption` to get only one value


PHP code:

// Preparing options
$mg = new \Jawira\MiniGetopt\MiniGetopt();
$mg->addRequired('f', 'format');    // value is required
$mg->addOptional('r', 'retry');     // value is optional
$mg->addOptional('q', '');          // only short option
$mg->addNoValue('v', 'verbose');    // no value
$mg->addNoValue('', 'version');     // only long option

// Calling getopt

Executing code:

$ php resources/example.php

array (

$ php resources/example.php -f=xml

array (
   'f' => 'xml',

$ php resources/example.php --format=xml -r -v

array (
  'format' => 'xml',
  'r' => false,
  'v' => false,

$ php resources/example.php -f=json -r=yes -v

array (
    'f' => 'json',
    'r' => 'yes',
    'v' => false,

$ php resources/example.php --retry -vvv

array (
  'retry' => false,
  'v' => 
  array (
    0 => false,
    1 => false,
    2 => false,

$ php resources/example.php --version=banana --invalid

array (
  'version' => false,

How to install

$ composer install jawira/mini-getopt


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This library is licensed under the MIT license.


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